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Guillaume Delvigne

Behind the design of our rattan chair is the designer Guillaume Delvigne. Based in Paris, he has carried out numerous projects for major French fashion houses such as Givenchy, Hermès... His creations are regularly presented at exhibitions in France and abroad and have been awarded prizes or are part of permanent collections.

We are proud that Guillaume has designed the first chair of the ORCHID EDITION collection.


The SILLON chair offers a real game of flexibility thanks to the manoeuvrability of rattan. This flexibility allows the designer to create a pattern of repetitive lines on the seat and backrest, inspired by Japanese sandy gardens with hypnotic designs. With a thin cane cover combined with a thicker outer contour, Guillaume Delvigne emphasises a light chair with a refined style.

In a nod to a classic rattan technique, usually used to hide junctions, the lateral ligatures are located where you want to catch the chair. This sensory and visual detail, found on the armrests of the HUBLOT chair, is a good example of Guillaume Delvigne's work, which we liked so much.

" I wanted to play with the suppleness of the rattan by emphasising the fine cane covering which echoes the outer contour and becomes a real motif. " _Guillaume Delvigne

jardin japonais

Japanese garden


Guillaume Delvigne's work immediately appealed to us because we felt a desire to build furniture out of rattan and nothing but rattan. Guillaume used all the by-products made from rattan cane: braided pith like the baskets, marquetry for flat surfaces reminiscent of floor mats, etc. The in-depth study of traditional models allowed us to create solid structures with innovative forms.

I immediately loved the SILLON chair because it was unlike any other. It is compact, light, stackable and very strong. To me, it has it all. " _Tina Ledi


Guillaume's idea was very clear from the very first drawing so it was quite easy for the rattan masters to imagine how to make it. But it requires exceptional know-how: perfect curvature of the inner canes to reproduce the "groove" effect of the original design, perfect curvature of the bottom of the backrest so that the chair remains comfortable without a cushion... The SILLON chair requires meticulous and almost artistic work!

Research sketches

Croquis modèle définitif

Our job as editors was mainly to adapt the design to find the right compromise between the minimalist desire and a material like rattan that often requires a lot of reinforcement.

In search of excellence




The SILLON chair tames the suppleness of rattan while being robust and offers an elegant chair with airy, harmonious and balanced curves. Lightweight, weighing only 3kg, you can easily move it according to your wishes.

Sturdy and stackable, it can be handled on a regular basis, which appeals to both professional and private customers. In a hotel, a restaurant or at home, it is now up to you to give it its place!

Comfortable with or without a cushion, it's up to you to choose whether you prefer the 100% natural version, which gives pride of place to the original material and design, or the version with a cushion, which allows you to add a touch of originality.

The SILLON chair can easily be mixed with other chairs or with our CONTOUR armchair. Its pure design allows you to play with the accumulation of chairs, in a restaurant for example, by opting for cushions with coloured fabrics.

chaise SILLON


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