ORCHID EDITION is a brand-new project initiated by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Ledi-Krol family, who have been promoting rattan furniture since 1920. 

ORCHID EDITION presents a new rattan universe where ancient technics are used to create elegant, refined and modern designs. Through shapes, curves and weaving, we wanted to highlight the richness of rattan material, its nobility and its warmth. We wanted to renew the codes and styles often associated with its design, while enhancing the extraordinary know-how behind rattan furniture.

“When I am travelling in Indonesia, I am always fascinated by the rattan manufacturing workshops: the dexterity of these craftsmen when they assemble rattan canes, their expertise in choosing which variety of rattan should be used in a specific place, the smell of steamed rattan before bending. In our countries, the exotic side of rattan tends to hide the real expertise needed to build high-quality furniture.” explains Tina Ledi, the co-founder.

ORCHID EDITION chose to work with young and talented designers. They kept the traditional technics, the aesthetics and graphic ideas rattan can offer (curves, weaving patterns and technics…) and adapted them into new and modern designs. 4 French design studios worked together to create the first ORCHID EDITION’s designs:  AC/AL studio, At-Once, Guillaume Delvigne and Jean-Michel Policar. All pieces show their creators’ personalities, but the collaboration between all of them makes it easy to see the consistency of the range, the ORCHID EDITION’ touch that we had imagined.

"I chose the pieces I wanted to edit at ORCHID EDITION because I find them both beautiful and useful, light and solid. They give off an impression of déjà-vu by taking up the codes of traditional rattan furniture but the construction details make them very contemporary. Their subtle design allows them to blend in with any home décor, bringing warmth and softness. We believe that they will become classics that will stand the test of time and pass through trends and fashions." Tina Ledi