The ONDE (french word for "wave") mirror has been designed by Guillaume Delvigne for Orchid Edition. Woven according traditionnal basket weavers' techniques, the big round crown is holding an oval mirror at its centre. Hangs vertically or horizontally.

" I imagined a simple mirror that becomes a sculptural object with its big, almost oversized, woven corolla." Guillaume Delvigne

"Guillaume Delvigne's work immediately appealed to us because we felt a desire to build furniture out of rattan and nothing but rattan. Guillaume used all the by-products made from rattan cane: braided rattan core like the baskets, marquetry for flat surfaces reminiscent of floor mats, etc. The in-depth study of traditional designs allowed him to create solid structures with innovative shapes from the start.

The ONDE mirror stands out like a cornucopia. It is majestic. It takes the place of the family picture or the old gilded mirror above the fireplace." Tina Ledi

375,00 € tax incl.


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Data sheet

Depth 15 cm
Diameter 92 cm
Weight (kg) 6
Material Natural peeled rattan with mat finish
Origin Indonesia
Cleaning Regularly remove dust with a wet cloth or with the brush of your vacuum cleaner. This product is made for indoor use only.

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