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Often confused with bamboo or willow, rattan is a plant belonging to the palm family. It is a noble and luxurious wood of which there are over 300 varieties, sizes and colours. All of these varieties of rattan grow in South East Asia and in particular Indonesia. The diameters can range from 2 to 50mm, thus offering a wide range of possibilities for working with the material. Sensitive to its environment and the nature of the soil where it grows, rattan can have a natural colour that varies from straw yellow to dark brown.

At ORCHID EDITION we use carefully selected premium quality cane that has been allowed to grow in the Indonesian rainforests for decades before being harvested.

Depending on where it is grown, the rattan is either very dense on the inside, which can be used for structure, or very soft, which is perfect for decoration or weaving.

This rigorous sorting gives the material an unequalled density that makes our furniture very robust and allows us to present you with top-of-the-range, high-quality products that will last over time, provided that they are respected as they should be!

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Focus on the different thicknesses of rattan, braiding and caning offered by ORCHID EDITION.


The special feature of rattan is that it can be bent/curved (called "curved" in the trade) by steam. Once cooled, it will keep the shape it was given. Ideal material for sophisticated curves and volutes, rattan allows the making of design furniture with a contemporary style that we like to present to you at ORCHID EDITION.

In order to highlight the inner fibres of rattan, the canes that make up our products are stripped of their natural bark, calibrated and sanded. This results in a uniform washed-out blond colour, which has become the ORCHID EDITION signature over the years. We particularly like the emphasis on rattan fibre that this finish allows.

We cannot stress enough the uniqueness of our furniture: unique in its style, unique in the fact that it is handmade by skilled and experienced rattan craftsmen, and unique in the material used.

Details of the curves.


Natural rattan is in no way guaranteed for outdoor use and will suffer from micro-fungi and mould if it is kept permanently in the rain or exposed to frost.

The treatment of the rattan cane as well as the assembly screws make it an indoor furniture only. Resistant to variations in humidity and temperature, it will also suit a veranda, a winter garden or a sheltered terrace.

Like any solid wood, rattan is sensitive to light and is susceptible to oxidation, turning a dark blonde colour over time. Permanent exposure to direct sunlight can accelerate this process.

Focus on the different shades and grooves of rattan.


Due to its origin in the tropical jungles of Southeast Asia, rattan cane grows in a warm, humid environment; the resulting furniture will therefore be sensitive to very dry atmospheres and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

In particular, the cane weaving may deform slightly in a dry environment. To restore its shape, simply rewet it with a brush, preferably from below.

To protect the wood from dirt, a polyurethane varnish is applied as a finish to each of our models. For regular maintenance of your rattan furniture, a soft brush from a hoover and/or a damp cloth are the only tools needed.

Cane weaving.

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