"The idea of this trestle came from the need to connect devices on a desk : a flexible rattan core curled in spiral to feature an electric sheath. Practical yet poetic, a new dimension of modernity and naturality in home office." Jean-Michel Policar

"I have always found a lot of poetry in Jean-Michel Policar's designs. The table/trestle principle conveys the feeling of mobility and lightness that I appreciate in a mobililer. Jean-Michel's trestles also bring an artistic poetry. One thinks of a rattan cane wound like an infinite spiral, since some rattans can be up to 200m long! But above all, at a time when cables are invading our work spaces, the natural rattan spiral channels them. It is both beautiful and useful. Poetic and adapted to our needs." Tina Ledi

This pair of trestles designed by Jean Michel Policar for Orchid edition is proposed here without top. 

369,00 € tax incl.

Including 1,80 € for ecotax


In stock - 3 weeks lead time for valcromat production


Data sheet

Height 73 cm (pour un tréteau)
Width 35 cm (pour un tréteau)
Depth 70 cm (pour un tréteau)
Weight (kg) 10 kg (pour un tréteau)
Material Natural peeled rattan with mat finish
Origin Indonesia
Cleaning Regularly remove dust with a wet cloth or with the brush of your vacuum cleaner. This product is made for indoor use only.

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